Tplinkwifi routers are the best choice for fastest connectivity and uninterrupted signals. If you need a good solution to increase your wireless signal strength then tplinkwifi routers are the best solution. Tplink has launched tplink TL-WR1043N, tplink Archer C3150V2, Archer C5400X, Archer C58HP, Archer C5400 Gigabit router and Archer C3200, which are all smart wifi routers from tplink. Some more models are Tplink Archer C2300, Archer C9 Archer C8 and Archer C7. These tplink routers are designed with wireless dual band Gigabit techniques to provide you excellent speed and data transfer and all of them can be accessed with the web address tplinkwifi.net. Let’s take a look on the detail of each model of tplink wifi router-

450Mbps Wireless N Gigabit RouterTL-WR1043N-

This tplink wifi router is designed for domestic use with wireless speed of 450 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet ports allowing you easy TP LINK LOGIN with the use of a wired or a wireless device. These ports are enabled to provide HD quality in video streaming and are accessible with the tplinkwifi.net web address which is the tp link router setup page. In this router you will get wireless security encryption with WPS button. This wifi router is configured with 3 external antennas with 5 DBi, now you can get increased wireless speed and signal stability. In this tplink router you will get HD video streaming and online gaming. You can get fluid experience than speed of 300 Mbps. In this tplink wifi router with five Gigabit ports you will get fast, stable and HD connectivity. This tplink router is very easy to setup with Tplink Tether App which can be managed by your smartphone.


AC3150 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Archer C3150 V2-

Tplink Archer C3150 V2 router is designed with 4 detachable antennas and 2 USB ports. This tplink wifi router can work on IEEE 8/02.11ac/n/a and 802.11b/g/n wireless standards. This router can give 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This wireless router can provide 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA-PSK2 wireless security encryptions. This tplink wifi router supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

With this advanced wireless router which can be setup using the tp link router setup page you can boost your wifi and can combine the speed up to 3150 Mbps. With Broadcom® NitroQAM™ (1024-QAM) technology now you streamlarger data. This tplink wifi router is lass with MUMIMO technology which allows to run multiple devices at the same with 4 times faster speed. The beamforming technology delivers the highly efficient wireless connectivity. All of these settings can be modified using the link tplinkwifi.net.

Tplink AC5400 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router Archer C5400X-

This tplink wifi router is first dedicated gaming router with 1.8 GHz-64 bit quad core CPU and 1GB RAM . This tplink wireless router is enabled with tri-band and gives blazing speed at 5334 Mbps. With this router VPN acceleration is 5 times faster than other tplink wifi routers, all of which can be accessed by performing the TP LINK ROUTER LOGIN. As this router is designed especially for game lovers with very impressive processing power and gives 1.8 GHz CPU to deliver powerful signals. This advanced tplink ARCHER C5400X is lass with dynamic optimization engine which can identify the gaming traffic and enhance the streaming as compare to other tplink wireless routers which you can access using the 192.168.0.x IP address.

Now you can get incredible speed of 2.4 GHz with AC5400 and two bands of 5 GHz. This tplink wifi router provides you three Wi-fi bands for smooth and streamlines flow of signals from router to the devices With the help of one band you can keep a dedicated slot for your gaming applications while rest of two bands can be used for rest of the home applications. This tplink wifi router is capable to cover your entire house as it comes with built in range boost technology. This advanced wireless router is lass with 8- Gigabit Ethernet Ports and with this you can connect PC, Smart phones and TV’s with gaming consoles too. You can also check the many inner workings of this device using the tplinkwifi.net tp link router setup page.

With this wifi router get comprehensive threat protection for malicious site blocking, intrusion prevention and any infected device quarantine. Defence form any of such malicious threats you will get powerful protection. This tplink wifi router is designed with Tplink Home Care to protect all your connected devices too.Get fortified internet access and secured data connectivity by built in VPN and Open VPN. Tplink Archer C5400 wireless router provides convenient file storage and it has 16 GB storage. This router also comes with the built in firewall and can be access through Tplink file bank App  and an extremely easy tp link wireless router setup process.

Tplink AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit RouterArcher C7

This tplink wireless router supports 802.11ac wifi standards which is a next generation WiFi. This WiFi router works on 2.4 GHz 450 Mbps and 5 GHz 1300 Mbps with 1.75 Gbps total available bandwidth. This tplink Wifi router is can be used for easy data sharing as it can work with network devices or remote location via FTP server. In this tplink wifi router you can get guest network access for guest sharing of home or office network. This tplink wifi router is ready cover broad area with 6 antennas. In this wifi router three external detachable 5 dBi which serves the 5 GHz band and 3 internal antennas with 2.4 GHz. Now experience the high speed across the entire place with access to the tp link router setup page.

300Mbps High Power Tplink Wireless N RouterTL-WR841HP

If you are looking for superior range and wide coverage then this tplink wifi router is an ultimate solution. With high power amplifiers and high gain antennas a wireless signals with broad coverage. Get 3 modes functionality in which you can get three wireless modes. You can use it as router, range extender and access point. Now get 300 Mbps wireless speed which is best for online gaming and VoIP applications. This router comes with easy setup and management via tether APP and manages your network. This tplink wifi router gives you the best parental control by using Android or iOS devices.

All these tplink routers are designed to give you best wireless connectivity and super-fast streaming. Now let’s discuss the tplink wifi router login and tplink wifi router setup.

Basic tp link wireless router setup method-

  • To do the installation use your Ethernet cable and attach a modem
  • Now plug in the router and switch on the power
  • After that connect your router to the wireless network broadcasted by your router
  • Now open your web browser and type https://tplinkwifi.net or which is the tp link router setup page.
  • Now enter the default TP LINK LOGIN username and password which is admin and click to do tplink login
  • Now select the quick set upand click on next button
  • Put wireless network name  type SSID  and in WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK , type password
  • Finish and your wireless network set up isdone now.

How to login in to the tplink wifi router?

You can manage the web based utility; you can manage and configure the tplink router. Use any web browser like IE Mozilla Fire fox or Apple Safari. After selecting your browser follow the below given steps-

Tplink Quick Setup Wizard-

Follow the basic steps to get the quick set wizard of tplink wireless routerand to do sokindly follow the given steps-

  • Open the web browser and type http://tplinkwifi.net or put
  • Now open the tab “quick setup” and follow the step-by step instructions to connect the tplink router.
  • Complete the steps and your tplink quick setup process is complete.

How to manually set up your tplink router internet connection?

In manual setting you can check your internet connection settings and you have flexibilities to modify every setting. Now follow the below given steps-

  • First initiate by login in to https://tplinkwifi.net and login with default username and password.
  • Now go to Basic >internet select and then check drop down list
  • Select dynamic Ip and clone the MAC address
  • If you have chosen static IPthen enter the info provided by ISP in given fields.
  • If you select PPPoE then enter the username and password.
  • Click save and click on network map
  • Follow the instructions and you are ready to go.

How to set up an IPv6 Internet Connection with your tplink wifi router?

To set up an IPv6 connection with your tplink wifi router you need to follow the given instructions –

  • First open the web browser and visit https://tplinkwifi.net and log in with the username and password to set the tplink wifi router.
  • Now Go to Advanced > IPv6 and select the ISP connection provider.
  • Fill the required information as static IP and click save
  • If selecting dynamic IP then click on advanced and finish the configuration. Afterwards click on save and Renew to complete the configuration.
  • PPPoE then fill the username and password and finish the configuration.
  • Now click on the status and setup with IPv6 connection is successfully completed

How to get tplink wifi router default username and password?

If you want to connect your devices with internet then the basic requirement is IP address. For Tplink wifi router use https:// In case if you are not able to access your IP address then follow the below given steps-

  • Click on the Start button on your PC.
  • After that type RUN on the search box.
  • Give CMD command.
  • Now type on your windows PC and wait for the result.
  • If you can open your browser now then your network is connected properly.

How to reset your tplink wireless router?

For tplink wifi router you will get username and password right at the back of the router and if you have forgotten the password then you have to reset your router. Follow the given instruction-

  • Press the RESET button for few second which is on the back of your tplink wifi router
  • Now unplugged the router for next few seconds
  • Plug your wireless router again and wait until it is booted up again.
  • Connect your router with computer via network cable or with wifi connection.
  • Now connect your wireless router through and type your default password of the admin
  • Now change your default password and put strong password
  • Your default password is set for your tplink wifi router